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Welcome to the Company Street. This page will include our new Bulletin Board outlining our 2016 schedule.  Send me your 'After Action' reports, letters to and from home,  articles you find interesting, campfire talk, just about anything goes here.  Send to:                            
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This page was last updated: November 2, 2017
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Bulletin Board
Up Next: Remembrance Day is November 18th!
2nd Delaware-2017

I apologize for the lack of communication regarding this event as I have been receiving inquiries regarding our participation in the parade. As it stands right now the application was not filed, however, I have contacted the event organizer and we are in AND they are relieved. So that being said let’s plan on attending and we need volunteers to form an Honor Guard to represent the 2nd Delaware and the SUVCW Camp 64 in the parade. I have been informed that there is interest in this by members and this is also for a dedication. Details are as follows from MSG De:

This year we are approaching military re-enactors from as many historical periods as possible to highlight our Veterans long history of faithful service. This year also marks Dover's tri-centennial. As the 2nd Delaware Regiment your organization's participation would especially be valued by all the attendees. The Parade will step off at 0900 at the Duncan Center on Loockerman St. and be complete by approximately 1100 on the Green. It will be followed by an unveiling of a WWI Memorial shortly afterward.

Ok, so please notify myself and Glenn now if you can attend so we can make a quick plan for the event. I am still unable to participate so Glenn will being leading the unit once again. I will however, be participating at the upcoming Remembrance Day event….which brings me to the next question …..who will be attending that event. Below are the details of that event and a message from the Colonel as we are participating as a Brigade:

Below is Mr. Sangi's communique regarding Remembrance Day activities, rules, and regulations. These are NOT suggestions, but mandatory! NO ROUNDS! This is the Holy Day of Obligation for CW Reenactors! That day is class A uniforms, cleaned, brushed, buttons shined, leathers blackened, and rifle burnished! This is the day we do it for THEM (the CW veteran) NOT US!

By Order of Colonel Mark K. Lee 
Commanding Vincent's Brigade.

Plan A is: 
Remembrance Day Celebrations, Gettysburg, Penna. Saturday November 18th. 

UNIFORM of the Day:

A.)Dress/Frockcoat: clean, buttons shined
Forage Cap with appropriate corps badge, buttons shined
Sky blue kersey trousers: clean, NO creases
Jefferson Bootie/Brogans: shined
All leathers: shined
Rifled musket: CLEAN
White gloves

B.) If your unit has a particular dress uniform which it was actually issued, by all means wear that for the day. 
Hardee Hats, dark blue trousers, etc. all may apply. 
C.) Canteens and Haversacks are not necessary for the National Cemetery or SVR parade. Leathers only. It is a Dress Formation. You MAY wear them on our march through the battlefield to our monuments.

The Vincent's Brigade Schedule for the Day:

a. )7:00 to 8:00pm Assemble and weapon inspection. All rifles are spotless inside and out. 
NO rolled rounds or loose powder
NO percussion caps
NO tin magazines in your cartg box
b.)8:00am Companies are formed, step off into the National Cemetery
NO knifes blade over 6 inches
(if these rules can not be adhered to, you must not enter the cemetery with the Vincent's formation, nor participate with our Wreath Laying Ceremonies. Same rules and obligations we have followed for over 30 years)
c.)8:00am to 10:00am Appropriate readings, regimental music and wreath placings. The order of cemetery plots should be as follows (hopefully no one is missed, final review at Friday evenings brigade meeting):

4.New Jersey

d.)We exit the cemetery, recover weapons and bayonets/swords and proceed to the Vincent's Brigade Monument on Little Round top. Each unit may then proceed to their respective monuments for their individual ceremonies.
***Please, NO sidearms on the battlefield for this day***
e.)REFORM tHE BRIGADE at or about 1:00PM at the site of the NEW Jr High School, across Baltimore Street from the Farnsworth House and just down Leferver Street. Companies and Color Guard will be properly formed before the SVR Parade begins.
f.)Following the parade and seasonal closeout remarks from our commanding officer, Please Continue imbibing at the establishment of your choosing. 
***EAT breakfast, eat a lunch (not all liquid refreshments!!)***

That is All,
Lawrence N. Sangi, Captain
Fifteenth New Jersey Volunteer Infantry, Company 'E'

Your Obedient Servant

Captain WD Purdy
Commander, 2nd Regiment Delaware Volunteers
“Crazy Delawares" Battle of Antietam