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April 24-25>Daniel Lady Farm
Battle of Manasss

2006-2021 / J Barr

Apr 24-25-Daniel Lady Farm
May 30-Memorial Day Event
June 12-13-Pt. Lookout-Blue Gray Days
June 19-Ft. Mifflin Garrison
July 10-Fort Delaware
Sept 18-19-Point Lookout Fall Drill
Sept 25-26-Actions at the Colonial Plantation
Oct 16-17-Cedar Creek
Nov 20-Remembrance Day
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This page was last updated: August 17, 2021

Gettysburg Remembrance Day is Canceled this year. Brigade Ceremonies will still be held in the National Cemetery. Details are on the front page in the Captain's Newsletter.
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Nov 20>Remembrance Day
May 30th>Memorial Day Dedication/Honor Guard at Wilmington-Brandywine Cemetery
Memorial Day Dedication/Honor Guard Event in support of our Brothers with Sons of Union Veterans Colonel David Stricker Camp. Civilians are encouraged to attend.
June 12-13>Point Lookout
Blue Gray Days
Battle of Cedar Creek, Middletown, Va. Our annual end of the season Reenactment. Citizens are encouraged to attend. Registration site is open.

September 18-19-Point Lookout Fall Drill!

May 1-2>Point Lookout
Military Timeline Event

Featuring artillery and infantry demonstrations, dress parade and
 evening programs in Civil War Fort #3. Great event but a lot of mosquitoes. Lather up with bug repellent and bring a Mosquito net.
June 19>Garrison of Fort Mifflin
The Mifflin Guard is hosting a garrison day at Ft. Mifflin by Philadelphia Airport. We will present drills, seminars and provide guards for the day! Participants can stay overnight on Saturday in casemate #5, the barracks or pitch a tent on the designated street. Bring a cot if you have one. A few re available. Bring a lunch for Saturday. We are looking for a headcount of those who'd like to participate in a Saturday evening supper. Supper fee is to be determined. No more than $5.00. A pre-registration fee of $5.00 will go directly back to the fort. They could desperately use the funds! Contact asiganuk@comcast.net for registration form. Troops must have appropriate forage cap. Officers can have an officer's kepi or slouch hat. Brass must be polished. Haversacks must be tarred. Four button sack preferred for enlisted men for a uniform presentation. Bring 20 rounds. Troops must be on hand by 9:30 AM and signed in by 10 AM. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED-much like Ft. Delaware.
July 10>Fort Delaware
Sept 18-19>Point Lookout Fall Drill!

Fall Drill in one of our favorite places-Point Lookout!
Sept 25-26>Actions at the Colonial Plantation
Ridley Creek State Park/Glen Mills, Pa. 19342
Great grounds for our smaller scale reenactment. The vistas and lack of modern era buildings will appeal to the most discriminating reenactor. Mifflin Guard are looking for reenactors with quality impressions to join us. You can arrive Friday after 3PM. Two skirmishes for the public are featured each day. Open to the public from 9AM to 4PM.
Reenactor registration is $8.00 which goes right back to the maintenance of the property. Water, wood and sanitation is provided as usual. Contact Andy Siganuk via e-mail or FB for registration packet and further information. 

Impression guidelines will be strict and if you bring a bunch of crap, it will get thrown into the Delaware River. A garrison impression does not get much more simple than sky blue trousers, blouse or frock (both are seen out there), cap, leathers, haversack, canteen, and rifle. WE WILL NOT BE FIRING, SO DON'T BRING ROUNDS. Again, I can't stress this enough, that it is a true garrison event that will be a full day of drill and guard duty. When we are drilling and you are on guard duty, you will only be wearing leathers and canteen is optional. 

Oct 16-17>Cedar Creek