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March 23>School of the Soldier

2006-2019 / J Barr

Feb 10-Annual Company Meeting
Mar 23-School of the Soldier
Mar 29-31-Pamplin Park, Va.
Apr 27-28-PA Monument LH
May 4-Dover Days LH
May 18-19-Spangler's Spring LH & Spring Work Day
May 27-Memorial Day Event 
June 1-2-Cold Harbor
June 22-23-155th Spotsylvania
Aug 10-11- Ft. Delaware
Aug 24-Harrington Heritage Day
Sept 21-Fall Work Day
Sept 28-Delaware Vet Fest
Oct 5-6-Shenandoah 1864
Oct 19-20-155th Cedar Creek
Nov 9-Laurel Parade & LH
Nov 23-Remembrance Day
Dec 7-8-Landis Valley

HOMEFrom the Captain's TentMuster RollUnit History2019 EventsCompany StreetImage Gallery

This page was last updated: August 23, 2019

Our Spring work day in Gettysburg where we clean around our monuments.  We end the day with a great lunch and the rest of the day is yours to shop or visit the battlefield.
We will meet at 9:30 am at the 2nd Delaware monument on Brooks Ave. Bring rakes, brooms and gloves.
Our Fall work day in Gettysburg where we clean around our monuments.  We end the day with a great lunch and the rest of the day is yours to shop or visit the battlefield.
We will meet at 9:30 am at the 2nd Delaware monument on Brooks Ave. Bring rakes, brooms and gloves.
Gettysburg Remembrance Day parade and Ceremonies

September 21>Fall Gettysburg Work-Day
September 21 is Fall Work Day!
Nov 23>Remembrance Day
School of the Soldier/Company- Belmont Hall, Smyrna, De. 
Civilians are encouraged to attend!
May 27>Memorial Day Dedication/Honor Guard
Memorial Day Dedication/Honor Guard Event in support of the Harrington VFW and at the cemetery. Civilians are encouraged to attend.
March 29-31>Pamplin Park, Va.
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April 27-28>PA Monument LH
Pennsylvania Monument, Gettysburg, Pa. ( MAX Participation for Brigade event)
On the Gettysburg battlefield to provide demonstrations and lectures to heavy visitor attended weekend. 
May 4>Dover Days
Dover's Heritage Festival. We will encamp for the day on the Dover Green and provide demostrations and lectures. Civilians are encouraged to attend!
May 18-19>Spangler's Spring LH & Spring Monument Work Day
This event will be combined with the Spring cleanup of our monuments. Members who only wish to do the cleanup are welcome to join the Living History and the LH attendees can break to help with the cleanup.
May 18-19
May 18
June 1-2>Cold Harbor Event
Cold Harbor: near Richmond, Va. (MAX participation for Brigade event)...optional for 2nd Delaware. Original battlefield and one the 2nd Delaware suffered great losses. Come and experience the History!
June 22-23>155th Spotsylvania Court House 
155th Spotsylvania Court House (Salient & Mule Shoe Reenactment) 
Major battle reenactment of the Bloody Angle at the Mule Shoe
$$ event
August 10-11>Fort Delaware Garrison
Fort Delaware

Fort Delaware Living History, Delaware City, Delaware. Civilians are encouraged to attend.

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​I have to say….that was a blast….a first…a very humbling experience. The National Park Service is experimenting with a new format of doing demo’s. There is a rule or law that on National Battlefields you can NOT have opposing forces firing on each other on Hallowed Grounds. In other words, you can’t fire at each other…... However, they for the first time allowed opposing forces on the field to demonstrate how the attack occurred allowing one force to fire at the opposing force. I’m not sure how this circumvents the rules but we were the first to do it on actual battlefield. The NPS is looking to allow this at all battlefields and had a Ranger presence from all Civil War battlefields to witness this event. It went off well, but some things had to be addressed (reducing the length of the narrator’s speech and shut down streets during the scenario to prevent spectators from walking into the action). Otherwise it went well.

Folks, at Upton’s Attack scenario , we walked the same path through the woods and when we came out of the woods we deployed exactly as they did and in the same footsteps. Talk about the goosebumps doing exactly the same movements the troops did then, but minus the terror that comes with battle. We all felt so honored to do a first ever. The spectators also were thrilled as the NPS allowed them to trail our movements from behind to witness it all. To give the spectators feel of the noise and smoke during battle the NPS had us form two ranks on two sides and face outward. The spectators filed in between us and we fired volley’s….well…they were awed.

Another thing the NPS did was to hand out Bio cards of soldiers who fought at the battle to the spectators and reenactors at the beginning of the day. For the spectator the bio card contained demographic data and a photo if available and that was it. The reenactor was given the bio card of a soldier but it contained all information available of that soldier to include fate at the battle and or what happened to them after the war. The spectator was then instructed to seek out the soldier in the ranks with the name on the card and ask them what happened to them. It was a stroke of genius …young, old, men, women…all came into the ranks calling out the name of the soldier. The interaction of the crowd and soldier was amazing. The crowd was eager to learn the soldier's fate. This will be looked at by Sgt Protas to adapt the same thing of the 2nd Delaware soldiers to our living histories.

The next battle we demonstrated was the attack on the mule shoe. Again we came through the woods into the field and assaulted the hill where the Rebs were in the entrenchments. I’d like to say I made it up that hill…well no! I went down twice because of small tree cuttings I did not see. Again it was a honorable experience. This is the battle where Captain Evan of Company A was killed and later Colonel Stricker, Commander of the 2nd Delaware died.

I hate to say it….many missed the boat on this one. It will be a memory for me the rest of my life. But, don’t fret….NPS want’s to do this again there. This is a very pristine battlefield…no modern structures or environmental encroachments. It was dead quite at night…almost eerie. I would like to thank my young soldiers who campaigned it in the woods.. Corporals Reynolds and Purdy to include the 1st Delaware boys who fell in with us. 1Sgt Protas did a bang up job filling in where needed during the event and the training we have been doing does pay off in these type events. I can’t wait to do this again!!!!

Next event Fort Delaware.

John, If you would post this on our website please.



Captain WD Purdy
2nd Regiment Delaware Volunteers

"illegitimi non carborundum”

August 24>Harrington Heritage Days
Harrington Heritage just celebrated a milestone of its own. 2018 was the 40th Anniversary of the event. In 2019, Heritage Day will feature special displays and demonstrations, hosted by the 150th Anniversary Committee.
September 28>Delaware Vet Fest 2019
Town of Whitehall, 801 Mapleton Ave. Middletown, De. Vet Fest is a day where civilians and military join together to celebrate our veterans, engage our youth in civic involvement, showcase the multitude of services and support organizations available to our military and families, and raise funds for non-profit.
Oct 5-6>Shenandoah 1864
Shenandoah 1864 (Anders Event), this is the Big One of the year! 'Shenandoah 1864' is the 155th Anniversary Reenactment of Sheridan's Valley Campaign. This event will feature unit specific detailed battle scenarios, even handed rule enforcement, correct force ratios, including artillery and mounted forces by invitation only, both campaign and garrison camping and unit specific impressions. 
Oct 19-20>155th Cedar Creek
155th Anniversary Battle of  Cedar Creek near Middletown, Va. Our annual end of season reenactment. Civilians are encouraged to attend.
Nov 9th>Laurel, De. Encampment & Parade
In support of the Laurel VFW we are invited to camp along the river in Laurel for a day Living History and march in the well-attended Veterans Parade. (much better attended than the Dover parade) The more folks the better. 
Dec 7-8>Landis Valley Farm & Museum Christmas
The  Landis Valley Museum in Lancaster is a Living History Museum with a broad collection of artifacts and several historic buildings tell the story of 18th and 19th century German population in Pennsylvania and Lancaster County.