Captain "Bill Purdy"

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This page was last updated: October 21, 2022
2016 J Barr
Your Obedient Servant,
Captain Bill Purdy
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''The Crazy Delawares'
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Thank you for visiting the 2nd Delaware Volunteer Infantry web site!

As the commander of the Regiment, I am dedicated to educating members of the unit to the life of a soldier through training to performing actual duties of a period soldier. These duties include picket and sentry duty, learning military traditions, battle formations and firearms safety training… and of course… drill, drill, drill.

Covid has caused many to be worried about the exposure to it and has reduced the ranks of this unit and other units alike, however with the vaccines, the dangers of it have been reduced to a minimum as a flu. It's another shot like the flu shot I still get each year....which does not guarantee I will NOT get the flu but if I do it will be of lesser severity....just like the Covid vaccine. So put away those fears and join the ranks again or if it's your first time considering joining it's a good time to do so as things are opening and there are opportunities for advancement in the unit. 

Based in Delaware the 2nd Regiment Delaware Volunteers is an organization, which promotes, educates and preserves the Civil War heritage of our state and country. We represent a Union Infantry Regiment, which was part of the Army of the Potomac that fought in many of the most significant battles in the Eastern Theater during the war such as Spotsylvania, Fredericksburg, Cold Harbor, Wilderness, Petersburg, Antietam (where the unit got it’s name “Crazy Delaware’s”) and Gettysburg.  

Battle reenactments are only a part of what the Regiment is all about. We present single and multiple educational programs to schools and historical societies throughout Delaware. Additionally, the unit provides ceremonial services such as Honor Guards at formal dedications and memorial services.

The Regimental Historian has accumulated an extensive historical record regarding the Regiment and the soldiers who were part of it during the war. It has been on several occasions to be found to be more accurate and extensive than some of the many historical record resources available outside of the regiment.

If any of this interests you, then make the call, you will not regret it!

WD Purdy
Captain, Commanding
2nd Regiment Delaware Volunteer Infantry